Trading Notes -- 20190305 Tuesday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Wife had doctor appt so more or less out all day … tried a quick short flier on DSS before leaving and stopped out at tightened stop, reversing there woulda worked, but it was a no play gamble, bad. Also the IB borrow effect was in play, since I had a borrow I just shorted willy-nilly as a result. That will change when I move to the bookie with the bulk of trading… also commish on 10,000 shares add up quick ($50 a side). TSX played a nice one minute reversal in PETZ (see chart below), but I didn’t open the bookie. Broad market mixed it looks like.

DSS 50.6K, PETZ 44.8K HTB, NCTY 31.1K HTB, AWSM 24.0K HTB … included CIFS and JMU charts to show what it’s like to be StuckAtaProfit after paying 7x for an overnight borrow.