Trading Notes -- 20190304 Monday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Broad tone neg, gasp, the horror, but indexes only down slightly. CIFS and JMU to HTBs du jour … IB had some CIFS PO but had to be pre-borrowed … JMU totally impossible to borrow, even the bookie didn’t have some at first (then found some) … CIFS 119K, JMU 55.6K … worked on getting long today, went pretty well though it felt extremely weird and unnatural, but I have to overcome this problem if I want to get back to making half a mill a year. Was flipping through watchlist and STNE was on there and I caught it just about right and it tanked, sort of complete dumb luck. BPTH Day Two was squeezy and I wasn’t involved since there was so much action in CIFS and JMU. YRIC sub-dollar Chynar garbage, no borrow at IB and bookie doesn’t allow sub dollar shorts oh well.