Trading Notes -- 20190306 Wednesday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Broad tone poor, indexes down half a percent (the horror), but I had no idea since HTB SDJ BPTH (246K EOD) had all my attention. Took one stab at it with the bookie (0.02 borrow), lost, and of course didn’t have another day trade to “make it back.” Little angry with myself since I sized 2.25x in a greedy effort which means the loss was 2.25x more than normal, bad… but with multiple day trades of course woulda “made it back.” See how dangerous the thinking is? :-) Also ignored an early long in it which I approached as a potential short only (fixed thinking), which is terrible and costly. AYTU (34.5K EOD) and SSLJ (8.97K EOD sub-dollah) were interesting briefly in the morning, but BPTH was the only game in town, what a screamer. Kind of thing that could bust a cheesy ‘stache kid from the sunshine state, but we’ll never know since he only wins. Included four Day Two charts for your StuckAtaProfit enjoyment.