Movies Watched -- The Lunchbox

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Finally a movie from 2014 that I can recommend ... this was very sweet, a lovely little story ... just the right length at 100 minutes. Green rating. 

Realized that among my 2013 movie recommendations (All Is Lost, Blue Is the Warmest Color, Mother of George, Museum Hours, Wadjda, and The Wolf of Wall Street), four are foreign pics and one has no dialogue. Anything with subtitles knocks out what, maybe 90% of the American viewing audience? 

Movies Watched -- Edge of Tomorrow

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Blockbuster ... a little overly long at 105 minutes before the credits ... Tom Cruise, I like Tom Cruise, think he's talented ... not sure who the female lead was, some blue-eyed British girl with very little body fat ... one of those Groundhog Day timewarp things that gets confusing ... major props for paying homage to the Terminator with the key drop from visor ... amazing special effects, must have been something on the big screen. One of those movies that probably cost 100 million dollars to make. War porn of a sort. Yellow rating.

Movies Watched -- Alan Partridge, Alpha Papa

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Again in the queue before I instituted the 90% fresh cutoff ... British comedy, very British ... had some funny bits ... old DJs versus corporate radio, do people still listen to radio?  Anywhere in the world?  Even Norwich? Starred the guy from that awful Philomena movie. 90 minutes long, which was the right length. Yellow rating.

Marcus Lyon's Exodus

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Love this guy's work

"Signed Limited Edition Digital Fibre Museum Bareyte Print float mounted on aluminium. Each work is produced in an edition of 7 and is printed at 1600 x 800mm."

I asked Marcus about buying one, but it's sold out.

"I have one Artist Proof left the edition is now sold out. Edition 7/7 sold for £20,000. The Final Artists Proof is priced at £25,000."

Movies Watched -- Birdman

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Two hours long ... starts with Ray Carver quote ... Michael Keaton ... life after Batman ... adapting Carver for the stage ... amusing ... theater people will love this ... oh, Ed Norton, I hate Ed Norton ... this is inside baseball ... theater world, movie world jokes, in-jokes ... Naomi Watts, I like her ... fast forwarding from 20 minutes ... filmed as one long take ... he has superpowers, it's funny ... very comical scenes ... sending up Hollywood and the blockbuster mentality ... camerawork is dizzying ... ah, done by Iñárritu ... yeah, I wouldn't want to sit through two hours of that, but it did look funny, if you're in the mood. Yellow rating.

Movies Watched -- Diplomacy

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83 minutes ... Paris 1944 ... in French and German ... German plans to level Paris, out of spite ... Nordling, a Swedish diplomat trying to convince the German general in charge to do otherwise ... 10,000 tons of bombs dropped on Hamburg ... "my conscience is clear" ... stopped it at 40 minutes and read the script instead, just dialogue between two guys, not really a movie, could be a stage play ... doubt it really went down anything like that ...  might be interesting to someone who's interested in history, one highly stylized version of history anyway. Yellow rating.

Movies Watched -- 20,000 Days On Earth

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All future movies watched posts will just be my stream of consciousness notes taken as I watched the movie, which might not be very coherent.

93 minutes ... 20,000 days is just short of 55 years ... funny looking chinless guy ... he's a songwriter ... going to see his shrink ... his name is Nick, Nick Somebody, no idea ... he's articulate ... bunch of ageing rockers, I have no idea who they are, they're probably famous ... "memory is what we are" ... former junkie ... bald shrink with index finger pressed into cheek so you know he's top drawer ... shrink with round wirerim glasses and sensuous mouth ... rockstar sunglasses and gold rings including the pinkie ... hippie rocker buddy's house has great view of Dover cliffs ... importance of collaborators ... ageing rockers in paisley shirts (proving that they don't work for the man) ... his group's name is The Birthday Party? no idea ... Cave, he does have a name: Nick Cave (never heard of him of course) ... he's Australian not English ... "Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds" (I like the band's name) ... beautiful wife ... that pretty girl in his back seat is probably Kylie Minogue but I don't know for sure since I wouldn't know her if we shared an elevator ... hipster audience at his live show ...  white hipsters ... beautiful young women love this chinless old guy ... early teenage twin boys who look like their mother, fortunately. Kind of interesting, didn’t fast forward it … Yellow rating.

Movies Watched -- A Most Wanted Man

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Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a German intelligence agent ... everyone in his unit speaks English, oddly ... he smokes and drinks enough in this one to down a rhino, which he oddly resembles, a blonde rhino.  Robin Wright shows up as a CIA agent with a horrible dye job, black, maybe trying to pass as KD Lang ... beautiful fake blonde "human rights" lawyer ... Willem Dafoe doesn't play a Batman villain, but a German banker villain (more evil) with a soft spot, a bitchy bored wife, and an AMG Mercedes ... they got that guy from Nazi central casting (Hitler mustache, wire-rim glasses) to play the bad German intelligence guy ... was sort of interesting but not really ... spoiler: the Americans swoop in at the end with their black glass Suburbans and scoop up all the bad guys to send off to god knows where.  Hoffman goes home to drink more, smoke more, and play Brahms using two fingers.  Not 90% fresh but already in the queue before I made the new cutoff, so I watched it. Yellow rating.

Movies Watched -- A Most Violent Year

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Two hours long and felt about twenty hours long ... slow slow slow.  Starred the folk singer from the recent Coen brothers movie, Oscar somebody. Also had a blonde Jessica Chastain and her boobs. This was a W.D. By movie, maybe the same guy who made Life of Pi or something. God it was slow. The only thing that interested me was how many late 70s and early 80s cars they had to get in one spot for a highway scene. Again, this was on the RT Top 100 list but would have been cut if I had instituted the 90% fresh rule. From here on in I'll only watch the 65 movies from 2014 that were at least 90% fresh.  Yellow rating.

Movies Watched -- 22 Jump Street

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Sequel to dumb comedy 21 Jump Street ... funny in parts, but aimed so squarely at white suburban teens and early 20s frat boys that it gets old fast if you're outside the target demographic.  10 minutes of end credits so really only 10 to 20 minutes too long. Inexplicably on the Rotten Tomatoes Top 100 movie list so I had to go back and rework the list to include only things rated 90% fresh, which cut it down from 100 to 65 movies, which I will now watch so you don't have to. Yellow rating.