Poker Tournament Notes

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I drove over to Turning Stone (our local casino) to play in a poker tournament today. The wife has banned me from playing the 8:30 PM game since I get home "too late" and she gets worried. Beautiful fall colors as I drove up (and down) 81, which helped soothe the fact that I didn't finish in the money. 

Anyway, I keep a record of the hands dealt and some miscellaneous notes, so here they are. I think there were 38 buy-ins for the noon game I played. 10,000 starting chips plus 2,000 more if you registered 45 minutes early, which I did. 

Noon start, 15 minute levels

Level 1, No ante, Small blind 25, Big blind 50 ... starting stack = 12,000

  1. UTG - Q7s
  2. BB - K6o
  3. SB - K9o - stack 11,925
  4. 63s
  5. 73o
  6. T5o
  7. K9s

Level 2 50/100 12:15

  1. B-5 (Button -5) AJo call K54 flops, fold to bet - stack 11,825
  2. 96o
  3. 95o
  4. BB - J9o fold to raise - stack 11,725
  5. SB - 95o
  6. J5o - stack 11,675
  7. 94o

Level 3 75/150 12:30

  1. A3o
  2. K7s
  3. T6s
  4. 96o
  5. A5o
  6. UTG - KJo (fold)

Level 4 25 ante, 100/200 12:45

  1. BB - Q8o
  2. SB - KK - raise, win 3,250 - stack 12,950?
  3. 72o
  4. B-2 99 call (limp) win 1,725
  5. 73o
  6. 64o - stack 13,700
  7. B-4 JTs call (limp), J flops, win 6,950?

Level 5 25 ante?, 150/300 my notes missed this change 13:00

  1. Q7o
  2. 86o
  3. BB - A3s fold to raise
  4. SB - 84o fold to raise
  5. Button - A5o fold to raise
  6. 83o
  7. Q9o fold to raise

Level 6 50 ante, 200/400 Clock: 13:15

  1. 97o
  2. Q4o
  3. A5o
  4. T7s
  5. BB - 72o fold to raise
  6. SB - AJo folded to raise, re-raise
  7. K9o

Level 7 75 ante, 300/600 13:30

  1. B-1 A9s call (limp) A flops win 6,075
  2. Q8o
  3. 73o - stack 17,450
  4. K3o
  5. 43o
  6. BB - T7s fold to raise
  7. SB - T4o

Break 13:45, 15 minutes, stack 16,325

Level 8 100 ante, 400/800 14:00

  1. J5o
  2. 83o
  3. B-2 AQo I raised?, BB called, flop AJ2, BB went all-in, I thought about it, folded, he said he had AK
  4. J7o - stack 13,600
  5.  K8o
  6. T6o
  7. UTG K3s

Level 8 200 ante, 500/1000 14:15

  1. BB - T6s fold to 4K raise
  2. SB  - T9s folded to 3,500 raise, T9 happened to flop, an 'argh' moment
  3. Button - 32s
  4. B-1 22 call (limp) J93 flop, fold to bet, - stack 10,800
  5. 43o
  6. 65s

Level 9 200 ante, 600/1200 14:30

  1. 97s
  2. 62s
  3. J6o
  4. BB - J6o fold
  5. SB - AJs folded to me, shove all-in final ~7,000 chips against BB, he calls with K9o, a 9 flops, I bust.

14:39 out ... wasn't paying attention to BB's stack, he was a new player who just sat down, I thought he was much shorter stacked, but it wouldn't have mattered, if I had simply called, he still would have won, and I was critically short-stacked already, so.... 

You can see that the number of hands dealt per 15 minute level is very low, only six or seven hands dealt before the blinds jump. 

The tournament structure only pays out the top four places, which I think is terrible ... I've found that at friendly final tables, people will agree to a more equitable split of the winnings ... in my opinion, anyone who gets to the final table should win his entry fee back, at least. 

Movies Watched -- Son of Saul

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In Yiddish (and Hungarian and German and Polish). 107 minutes. Broke the rule about never watching anything about the Holocaust, and I'm glad I did because this movie was fantastic. They keep the camera tight on Saul almost all the time, so the background is often fuzzy, and the pace is whirlwind, but you know what's going on ... and you can hear it (the screaming, the shots, the furnaces roaring, etc.) I was just amazed by it all, a solid green rating (go), recommended. 

David Edelstein has an interesting take on the movie (he didn't like it).

This is only the sixth movie from 2015 that I loved and can recommend (the first five are: Mad Max: Fury Road; The Revenant; Shaun the Sheep; Tangerine; and The Diary of a Teenage Girl). I only have a couple dozen left to watch from the original list of 80 (!), so I should be able to get a top ten list for 2015 by the end of it.

Kept his humanity, despite the horrors

Kept his humanity, despite the horrors

Movies Watched -- Grandma

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82 minute running time, which I think is the *shortest* of any of the 80! movies I have on the 2015 list that I'm working through, so that's a good length in this Age of the Overly Long Movie. Lily Tomlin plays a foul-mouthed, straight-talking (i.e., rude) grandma, and there are some very funny bits ... it's a W.D. By movie and though brief, it touches on a lot of taboo topics: abortion, lesbianism, bad "parenting," artificial insemination, money, pot smoking, ageing, death, grieving, etc. It wasn't bad but I did go to 2x fast forward (the highest speed I can use and still maintain the audio) after 20 minutes. I'll give it a yellow (consider) rating. 

Needs $630, today.

Needs $630, today.

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