Movies Watched -- War Witch (Rebelle)

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Fast forwarded from ten minutes in ... somewhere in Africa ... too grim to watch ... children forced to become soldiers ... she is considered to have some kind of special power ... looks like hell on earth ... no way can I watch this. Under 100 minutes but unwatchable.

Movies Watched -- Museum Hours

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Attractive though dimwitted? Canadian woman ... all Canadians with spark leave of course; she stayed ... maybe that's mean ... anyway, the museum guard, also kind of common, though a bit more introspective, more thoughtful ... they strike up a friendship .. nothing sexual about it, he's gay, and they're both in their 50s, late 50s, early 60s? ... maybe six or seven minutes over the 100 minute mark, but this is very slow stuff ... lonely people ... they could have cut a lot of these atmospheric shots to get it under 100 ... depressing in its commonness, its honesty, I guess you could say ... reflections on art, money, class, politics, the state of modern Austria ...  Bruegel's work: "not sentimental nor do they judge" ... "rubbing our noses in... humanity" ... "importance of the horse's ass" ... flea markets ... still worried about Turkish invasions, ha! ... this isn't for mass consumption, it's about art and life and friendship... and death.

I liked it but don't know if I can recommend it, it's slow and it's too long ... only the sensitive will get this. Maybe one in a thousand will appreciate this like I did.

Movies Watched -- Blancanieves

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Fast forwarded from ten minutes in ... black and white silent movie with dramatic orchestra and Spanish guitar ... Capital A.R.T. arthouse throwback piece, an homage, 100 minutes long ... is that Don Draper's wife? Bullfighting dwarves? I think I could have sat through this if in the mood, but wasn't.

Movies Watched -- Wadjda

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I liked this one ... under 100 minutes ... learned a lot about Saudi Arabia and its awful culture.  Maybe a bit precious and predictable, but it was well done ... see it if you get the chance.

30 Day Challenge -- Day Fifteen

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Inscrutable notes:

06:32 89.2 24.0

No row, cooked breakfast for boy instead.

$8.50 small McD coffee, drank half

08:04 BM

11:04 H elev to gym

13:04 finished workout, felt weak, screwed up weights and cardio order due to an unfortunate number of people in MY gym. 120 max bench not a lot of sets.

13:05 apple

steam, shave, sauna

Peter gave me a bottle of Givenchy "Gentleman Only," (hint, hint?) which makes me small like a Russian whore. Will only spray on my balls for now. 

84.7 gym scale

14:14 beef tenderloin, veggies ... had violent allergic reaction to veggies which almost never happens anymore ... what happens is I have to spit out loads of phlegm and can't swallow anything until it's all out ... dashed unpleasant.

17:41 E3 to home

Movies Watched -- What Maisie Knew

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Poor little rich girl .... Julianne Moore (b. 1960) as ageing rocker ... marriage on the rocks (pun?) ... ugly biz ... what is Maisie, five or six? ... is the little girl autistic? something weird about her face/expression ...  British art dealing Dad with asshole-ish long hair ... beautiful blonde nanny, "Margo," Irish? Scottish? ... custody battle ... "temper, temper" ... little girl is going to grow up to be a junkie, no doubt ...  uh, oh nanny  takes father's side and becomes Dad's lover / wife ... will fast forward from minute 30 ... some other guy on the scene now, solid chin, fairy-boy hair ... "new stepfather" ... this is the genuine guy ("Lincoln"), unlike lying manipulative Dad, she needs in her life .... he's a bartender? ... Irish nanny turned wife breaking down ... all these screwed up adults and Maisie a witness to them all ... hang on, the help is going to hook up ... poor nanny and bartender as Maisie's good responsible parents? ... asshole rich celebrity parents versus a nice Scottish lass and a blonde bartender boy, seems a bit predictable ...  oh yeah, genuine board game fun with the adoptive family ... not going with you, Manipulative Mom, despite the monster miniature stuffed pony. Bye bye bad celebrity Mom.  Cue the heartstring piano!  Blueberry pancakes with those wholesome adoptive parents. The End.  Under 100 mins but still had to fast forward through most of it.

30 Day Challenge -- Day Fourteen

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Wife informed me at 6:30 AM that she had fired half the staff ... I was left to clean up the bodies, pay people off etc.  Insanely stressful, would have normally sent me into a dark hole, but I managed things rather well I thought, given the carnage.

07:42 4K row

88.2 22.5

Lots of Fritos to deal with shock of an empty house. 

13:21 BM

18:40 Kung Pao chicken from Meizhou Dongpo for dinner

$50 Pizza+ (not for me)

Day was a complete bust, a real disaster ... on the food discipline front I did ok (not great though) and the key was not cracking out the bottle or smoking cigars, which I would normally do.

30 Day Challenge -- Day Thirteen

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Inscrutable notes:

08:40 BM

87.8 24.0

$138 Jenny Lou's cred

12:21 Ten jiaozi for lunch, giant bowl iceberg lettuce with French dressing

$802.56 Carrefour cred

15:17 4K row

16:46 4K row (to make up for Friday)

17:07 100g beef tenderloin, giant bowl iceberg lettuce with French dressing

$15 Jinsong grocery, tea for foot massage and crisps for masseur

T back at XDF on Saturday nights

18:32 end of foot massage, watched half of Frances Ha during

20:08 end of body massage

$100 massage

Notes becoming super spotty here in the second weekend ... not maniacally recording all actions with a timestamp.  That shows I'm slipping, but have not yet plunged back into total depravity.

30 Day Challenge -- Day Twelve

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(All 30 day challenge posts in reverse chronological order)

Incrutable notes:

88.2 24.5

07:15 BM

07:20 mush (fresh squeezed soy milk, blueberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashews, apple, pear, banana)

$16 McD sausage egg McMuffin and coffee

Finished Drug War -- overly violent and lame.

Goldin Financial may want to talk with me next week but blessedly free for now.

Dreaded work: Cosmo (Century City) wants to talk this afternoon, good thing I didn't go to the gym on time and miss the notice.

11:20 E3 to gym

11:26 apple

12:27 apple

13:00 finished cardio ... usual routine.

steam but no sauna 

They changed the soap delivery system in the showers much to my annoyance, can't get good volume out of bottles unless you unscrew em and dump contents out which is of course what I will do.

13:27 84.2 gym scale

Subway has closed down ... refurb or gone?  Did a roaring biz, I thought.

13:30 apple

14:00 No protein for lunch in honor of Chrissie Hynde ... 300?g steamed veggies, two boiled eggs, tea

Dreaded work, talked with Cosmo, wasn't too bad 38 minutes, Mr. Lo, though not Won Hung Lo.

Listened to some comedy (Pandora) ... bless the office WiFi and unmonitored bandwidth ... didn't know John Pinette died earlier this year ... always liked his stuff.

Submitted insurance claims

Serious thoughts of drinking about a dozen pints of beer after work but will restrain self ... mood is not good ... this is where the month of disciple gets really hard.

17:35 E3 to home

$138 Kerchin beef jerky 

No notes after that ... just remember I had no booze or smokes on Friday night and that was key.


Movies Watched -- The Spectacular Now

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Coming of age / teenage love story for Millennials ... features a boy (b. 1987) who looks like a less Jewish version of Mark Zuckerberg ... he carries a flask and is always half in the bag which is refreshing to see ... kid can keep up a steady stream of patter / bullshit which shows that he's a child of an alcoholic ... his Bad Dad is the impossibly handsome Kyle Chandler from Early Edition, which explains why he has a beautiful sister ... nobody sounds like they're from Georgia ... his boss at the tie store is Better Call Saul ... story wasn't very strong, sorta lame, I wasn't super thrilled with it.  Under 100 minutes so I was able to watch it to the end, no fast forwarding.

Movies Watched -- Before Midnight

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Made it twenty minutes in and even that was a stretch ... two people framed in the shot, talking, for nearly two hours. Guy is Ethan Hawke (b. 1970) who looks like junkie (except for the Hollywood teeth) and the girl was that French actress, Julie Delpy (b. 1969) seen her in something else, I forget what.  Anyway, they talk.  And talk and talk and talk and talk and talk.  And it's not interesting talk.  It's dull middle class white people talk. No man with balls between his legs has sat through this entire thing, I can guarantee that.

Movies Watched -- Enough Said

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I guess this is targeted at late Boomers / early Xers ... people who have kids of college age ... Gandolfini and Dreyfus both born in 1961, so they're both early Xers.  They will always be Tony Soprano (even with beard) and Elaine Bennis to me, whatever roles they play. Catherine Keener was born in 1959 (late Boomer) and is once again playing an aged California hippie chick. Annoying "emotional cue" acoustic guitar or piano at all the bits where you're supposed to tear up.  Was this Gandolfini's last movie? Sad, that. Audi and Prius product placement ... Le Creuset cookware and a Mexican maid (though not hot like Richard Dreyfuss's) at the shrink friend's house ... brand name schools (Parsons, Sarah Lawrence) featured ... I guess its deep message was you have to compromise to be happy, yeah, very deep ... wasn't thrilled with it. Gets points for being under 100 minutes though.

Movies Watched -- Frances Ha

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This was like a 90-minute episode of "Girls" in black and white with a prettier and spacier Gen Y girl lead. Mickey Sumner (b. 1984) is Sting's daughter, the ultimate rich kid playing a middle class Boho girl who went to Vassar and then floundered for the next five years (nice to see shots of the campus).  Like "Girls" it had some funny bits and cute bits but was ultimately unsatisfying. Might be of interest to white upper middle class Gen Ys and Millennials.  (Wondering: would a guy like "Patches," who buys distressed ball caps and works at Goldman, marry a homely Jewish girl like Gerwig. Of course not.) Big points for being under 100 minutes.

Movies Watched -- Jagten (The Hunt)

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Rex and I agree that the movie didn't work because there's no way the people would have turned on Mads that quickly ... the whole "children never lie" angle was just silly on its face ... lots of tension well done though, innocent soccer ball to the head, etc.  If they had made the pedophile a recent arrival in the town, a single guy, etc. then it would have worked. 111 minutes long so about 11 minutes too long. 

30 Day Challenge -- Day Eleven

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(All 30 day challenge posts in reverse chronological order)

Inscrutable notes:

07:00 4K row

88.2 24.5

07:20 mush (fresh squeezed soy milk, blueberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashews, apple, pear, banana)

07:31 scooter in motion

07:46 arrive FCD

$8.50 McD small coffee (just had a few sips of the drug, not a mainliner)

08:11 BM

Teekanne tea

$220 cash in pocket

Kitty Kat talking with Bossini, bless her. Another colleague I'll miss when I go, one of the few.

11:12 E3 to gym

12:59 cardio and weights a bit jumbled as there's more traffic than usual, wimpy 120 max multiple benches

13:01 apple

13:33 done with everything

no steam, no sauna as paranoid Livia out to get me after yesterday's absence

13:49 gym scale 84.5 (is it still consistently inconsistent?)

14:00 100 g beef tenderloin (in honor of Chrissie Hynde who was on HardTalk today), 175 g steamed veggies, one boiled egg, bottle of tea

Filled out forms for ~$9000 in health insurance reimbursement to second insurer which means at least $90,000 covered by first insurer (pays to be insured)

17:08 heading home

$50 China Unicom (new phone number for Thomas ... I asked if they can trace these $1 SIM cards back to me and they said no, there's no link between passport number and record in system, which I thought was odd)

18:09 80g beef tenderloin, 175g steamed veggies, one boiled egg, bottle of tea, dried mango, some pork ribs in soup, 56g Tostitos with guacamole (one avocado) and salsa, half a daban bingpi, several large slices watermelon

Large handful of almonds and maacadamia nuts before bed

Wacthed first hour of Drug War, kind of lame.

T claims to have hurt achilles tendon getting off bus, will take to doctor on weekend.

Feeling like I'm beginning to slip here, no progress obvious, coming towards weekend of week two, this is where it gets really tough.

Movies Watched -- Drug War 毒战

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An action movie from China (looks like a Hong Kong / Mainland China co-production), not very good, no idea how it made the RottenTomatoes Top 100 list.  Just over 100 minutes though so the pain doesn't last too long.

30 Day Challenge -- Day Ten

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(All 30 day challenge posts in reverse chronological order)

Inscrutable notes:

06:52 1500m row (ran out of time, crap attack)

06:52 BM

87.8 23.0

07:12 mush (fresh squeezed soy milk, blueberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashews, apple, pear, banana)

07:34 scooter in motion

07:49 arrive FCD

08:03 arrive US Embassy

Dealt with a kind of attractive (Italiano?) though unpleasant consular officer ... got some stuff notarized

$100 US Embassy cred

09:11 done with biz, scooter in motion

$42 South German Bakery 

09:17 apple strudel

09:46 arrive home

09:53 half a buttered pretzel

10:49 car in motion to Children's Hospital

11:30 front desk Children's Hospital (New Century)

Saw yet another specialist about baby's cough. Best solution is the leave Beijing asap methinks.

12:45 beef and rice and onions at New Century canteen

13:37 car in motion to drip

14:01 dropped Mommy off

14:23 arrive home

Watched first episode season five Boardwalk Empire, more flashbacks on how Nucky became Nucky, sort of like how Don Draper became Don Draper.

15:31 40 Lulu dates (whole bag), bottle chrysth tea ... going to stop recording the teas I think.

Picked Thomas up from bus (the reason I couldn't accompany Mommy)

16:03 Thomas's bus arrived

16:19 car in motion to get Mommy

17:06 durian popsicle (three of them)

17:41 car in motion heading home

18:09 arrived home

18:14 100g beef tenderloin, 175g steamed veggies, one boiled egg ... sacrificed self and ate one slice of leftover spinach filled pizza

20:12 6500m row ... making up for morning shortfall and yesterday?

20:15 one half daban bingpi mooncake

Thomas's notebook arrives and Anna's Duplo boat.

Unusual day with running around to hospitals instead of going to work ... serious break with routine leads to serious slips, but I did ok (durian popsicles aside) ... need to hit the weights hard tomorrow to counterbalance, Bossini willing.

30 Day Challenge -- Day Nine

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(All 30 day challenge posts in reverse chronological order)

Inscrutable notes:

Overslept, no time to row.

07:02 BM

88.2 23.5

07:20 mush (fresh squeezed soy milk, blueberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashews, apple, pear, banana)

07:35 scooter in motion

07:51 arrive FCD (long wait at Chang'an light)

08:03 arrive at P3

Teekanne tea

Finished watching Blues the Warmest Color ... enjoyed it.

Holiday in Hong Kong today so feeling free.

$270 in pocket.

11:01 E3 to gym

12:27 finished weights: usual routine, multiple bench press 150 max

Looks like season five of Boardwalk Empire is underway .. will have to start watching again.

Moved to 10 on resistance for the bike, they monkeyed with it? 10 = old 7

13:58 cardio finished ... extended stepper to 48 mins (1) to watch end of "Survive That," kind of interesting, Discovery channel thing ... how many variations on the survival theme can they do? Guy with pipe "at base camp" in this one though, made me laugh. 

13:59 apple

steam, shave, sauna (ran sand clock out)

15:02 83.9 gym scale

15:04 apple

15:15 E3 to office

15:20 80g beef tenderloin, 175g steamed veggies, one boiled egg, bottle chrysth tea

16:02 two mini-slices Pizza Hut pizza (found in fridge and stolen, two slices remain)

17:04 E3 to home

Tried to get new phone number for T but didn't have passport with me (need the yuan jian)

17:43 arrived home

18:13 20 Lulu dates

Read "The Arrival," a book I bought for Thomas.  Enjoyed it and would like to have some of the drugs that Shaun Tan is doing.

18:27 100g beef tenderloin, 175g steamed veggies, pickle, one boiled egg, bottle chrytsth tea, 20 tots, half a daban bingpi mooncake

Walked around block with wife and baby -- nice night temp wise.

Got new 1TB hard drive, Western Digital this time ... I have bought three count 'em three Toshiba drives that all died within one WEEK ... avoid Toshiba Canvio like the plague, they're shit.

Thomas's 21 Tintin books collection arrived ... wonder how many books there are in total? 

Handful dried cranberries

Large slice watermelon