Unintended Fruits of the G.I. Bill

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Funny bit from the transcript of Robert Christopher's appearance on Booknotes in 1989: he lives in "Old Lawn, Connecticut" (not Old Lyme). He has a great smoker's voice ... and died three years later of emphysema. 

On the issue of "Jewish dominance of the American media" he had this to say:

"That's one of the oldest lines in the book. Henry Ford was convinced of that and so was Henry Adams. It simply isn't true. There are some of the powerful media that are owned by Jewish families. The New York Times and the Newhouse chain. But there are a number of others that are owned by WASPs. The whole Los Angeles Times company -- the controlling family there is WASP. Dow Jones which owns the Wall Street Journal is owned by a WASP family. First of all, you can't honestly state that any particular ethnic [or religious] group ... controls the bulk of the nation's most important publications. But more importantly you can't demonstrate that there's any real connection between the ethnicity [or religion] of publishers and the way their papers handle the news. In many cases it's interesting -- Dow Jones is a good case, and the Wall Street Journal is an interesting case in point. The owners are WASP. As it happens right now the Chairman of the Board and the Editor of the Journal are both Jewish."