Trading Notes -- 20190301 Friday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Broad tone poz, you guessed it, market was up again, can’t have two down days in a row, hasn’t happened since last December. BPTH the HTB du jour… 191K … I took one stab at it in morning, took 0.5R loss and then was locked out under PDT. Crazy that I haven’t sent money over to the bookie yet, but will rectify next week for sure … good opportunity to short it in afternoon, but I’m not sure how many losses I would have taken before catching that, and then it rallied to new highs EOD as stuck shorts covered (didn’t want to pay 7x borrow cost, lol) … PBYI also in play 41.7K, shorted it late morning, got good cover on half, didn’t trail second half aggressively enough but still a sizable gain. Then it ran all the way back and made new highs, brutal. I’m sure people blew up on BPTH, it was nearly ZSAN-like scary.