Trading Notes -- 20190228 Thursday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Broad tone slightly neg … RKDA the HTB du jour (117K) … TGTX also in play (38.7K)… TTOO less so (20.3K) … ENDP (28.7K) woulda been good , but I didn’t see it in time, too busy goofing on TWTR. Traded RKDA and TGTX well, had to go to bookie broker for afternoon borrow in RKDA (0.02), which was a doozy — they smashed people and I was lucky to be able to hop on for the ride … didn’t handle exits especially well and had to leave early for massage, but I learned from some mistakes once again. TGTX dropped an offering at 16:01 the dirty bastards, but I was long gone. GEVO did 1,600 trades total on Day Two. :) Laying out the chart differently so I still have to tinker with that a bit. Found some neat YouTube videos from Steven Du … can’t say if he’s totally legit, but I like what I see. Glad to finish an atrocious month, probably my worst in the last two years, but I’m still standing and always learning so it’s good.