Trading Notes -- 20190205 Tuesday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Broad tone poz, shorts no tailwind. CRON woulda been a perfect trader but IB doesn’t have shares anymore. Got trapped in APHA end of day yday, stupidly tried my triple/quadruple sized scalp thing for the first time and of course got stuck, then pulled the stop, then added several times, then pulled that stop (all after hours) then carried it, then covered near top tick pre-open though not exactly top tick, then it got smashed at the open falling over a dollar from my cost, which meant that my loss was over 4x expected and if I hadn’t covered I woulda made a ton of money at the open… bad, very bad. But the story doesn’t end there. Shorted AMSR, IB miraculously found shares (now I know why), broke out of a giant coil, problem was my sizing on first entry was 2x normal so the eventual loss when I stopped out (didn’t pull that stop) about 2x average, bad. Then I re-shorted APHA in a disciplined way but added again 4x normal? and it went against me. Then I added to my ZYNE short (which was doing fine) 4x normal and it went against me. Notice a trend? Rough day. I’m going to walk away for awhile until I get my head on right. Might be at least a month given the extent of the losses.