Trading Notes -- 20190204 Monday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Broad tone poz … short headwind … once again I left a bunch of open orders out there in ZYNE and APHA by mistake and got filled in everything … wasn’t super bad but I did have to pull the plug on APHA higher than I wanted and with more shares than expected… ZYNE sorta tanked so I may be ok there, we’ll see. Stock du jour was EOLS PO (0.032 borrow) and I shorted B&C and covered minC then waited on Typ3 but it had to go back up and test so I scratched it. Had massage today so didn’t stick around to manage stuff. Had orders back in on APHA, got back just after 3PM and APHA was tanking so I decided to try my new super-sized scalp and of course it reversed on me (Murphy’s Law) and went exactly a dollar higher, closed 11.40 AH (scary when you’re doing nutty size, IB thank god still have 500K+ of borrow, my nightmare is that they disappear at the top, after taking multiple 1R losses), anyway CRON also very much in play but IB had NO shares and that was weird because they’ve had a lot of CRON forever now; covered SXTC at minC and Typ3, StuckAtaProfit, took forever to cover, I was the bid for ages, huge winner but of course pales in comparison to APHA losses… OPK I cut at the close and 30 seconds later they announced an offering and it dropped 20%, comical. Some Chinese fraudy thing called ZKIN came alive late (“latecomer”) and there was literally no data to populate the chart so I couldn’t see what was going on… no borrow of course but it just faded to nothing … MDJH was sorta active PO but again no borrow and it died in RH. Recalling when NBEV went from 2 to 10 and I fought it all the way taking a mega-loss then borrows disappeared when it hit $10, I pray same doesn’t happen with APHA though loss there could make NBEV look like drop in bucket.