Trading Notes -- 20190129 Tuesday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Broad tone neg … short tailwind … OCX the stock du jour (6.38K, 37.2K, 139K) but no borrow … locked out of broker with a borrow cuz I only have a few K there and did three trades yday (maxing PDT thing, sheesh), can’t play again till next Monday which means I have to act this week to get some cash over there. I did have a borrow in CRON (2.93K, 36.0K, 130K) and VYGR (849, 6.78K, 20.1K) so played both… OSTK (23, 936, 12.5K) no borrow today, TRVN (1.28K, 10.3K, 35.3K) no borrow (and they had millions of shares yday), ZYNE (216, 3.61K, 20.9K) some borrow PO but quickly pre-borrowed, AVCO (418, 3.58K, 7.55K) no borrow (.144 at TZ, ~$300 for 2,000 shares, ha!) but it tanked beautifully for a Day Two, that squeeze they did yday was shameless, but of course they got me out personally, which was their goal. :)

Woulda stayed out of trouble in OCX, even with borrow, thank god … TRVN I’d have a couple legs on despite SSR ... had to chase VYGR, went half size and instantly hit minC, waiting on rest for Typ3 … covered rest of CLRO at updated target which was wise because it is so dead I was totally StuckAtaProfit, turned out to be a nice trade.

CRON was the big winner, it’s at all-time highs, shorted B & A & A+! so a rare large position, had to take LLP to Ladies’ meeting, came home to find it had hit all targets and I was out, an incredibly pleasant surprise. Totally by the book and I needed a big winner given recent SLM jam-out, and IQ/GME stop-pulling debacle from earlier this month.

OSTK tanked which was nice, I was hoping for A+ but it never happened, but I’m content with the size and took off part at minC, waiting on rest at Typ3, will be nice win if I exit it all at targets.