Trading Notes -- 20190130 Wednesday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Broad tone poz... short headwind ... Fed Day, 2PM normal shenanigans ... Naz +2.5% EOD

CODX stock du jour, no borrow, FIDO 10, 5.9K, 37.5K, 94.8K

Tried a rare long TSX style in CODX (see chart below), trial size but coulda been smaller still, super tight stop, instantly stopped, kind of dumb, certainly not my style, sort of regret doing it but I have to get better about getting long from time to time ... if I had a borrow there were some great spots

TRVN -- offering PO, down 16% ... amazing they had millions of shares avail on Monday, none on Tuesday, and the offering comes Wednesday PO? Coincidence? 2.76K, 6.11K, 19.5K

EYEN active PO, no borrow, 1.64K, 7.48K, 14.2K

EKSO yes borrow, missed lovely OM B entry, chased C half size, hit all targets almost immediately, 1.18K, 6.87K, 12.7K

MLNX yes borrow, weird one $100+ PO on Intel thing, avoid,

CANF yes borrow went dead, no play

ZYNE surprise borrow, shorted YB, super thin, 1.74K at 10:15, shouldn't waste time with it, just dead money Day Two waste of energy, carrying it, looking to scratch, will be tiny loss if stopped using today OR stop, 142, 1.44K, 6.18K

OCX shockingly 100K+ PO but all borrowed mighty quick, zero during RH, classic Day Two dead dog, hero to zero, 809, 5.93K, 16.2K

VYGR exited rest at Typ3

SXTC latecomer no borrow