Trading Notes -- 20190125 Friday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Broad tone poz, shorts no tailwind. Ear infection, saw doc at 11AM, spent afternoon in bed… CLRO the stock du jour (1.13K, 14.5K, 34.2K), the only game in town, I shorted C&B and came close to getting an A entry but no cigar, holding for targets well below; took a loss in SLM, once again forgot I had open orders in there and filled a bunch pre-open which was a mistake and increased the loss about 25%, but nothing crazy, just annoying, also noticed I missized one of the original legs, bah, this is what happens you change your bet sizing during experiments; able to cover a leg of BIOC; VIPS rallied and stopped me out on last so a scratch, I hate that stock, it acts like a Usual Suspect, very difficult; re-shorted SLM in afternoon off of ORR, maybe a revenge trade, lotta size, but it felt ok, we’ll see.