Trading Notes -- 20190124 Thursday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Broad tone poz … yesterday’s heroes become today’s zeros, look at BOXL and SPI (though BOXL did a cynical run in the afternoon, straight into yday’s closing level), monkeyed with ToS order entry, no way to put on multiple legs out with a single order, pretty lame, but customer service wasn’t terrible, I had to call them after multiple chats with semi-competent reps (unlike IB where everyone seems sharp), I don’t think I’ll leave much money with ToS with the crummy order entry and $7 a ticket :-), power outage before the open and another right before 10 AM, not cool but all my stops were in.

PCG -- 230, 4.56K, 188K, halted near 15:30 then gapped up to $15ish on limited liability news, glad I wasn't involved in that one, knew halt risk was high

SLM — 30, 15.2K, 75.6K, yes borrow, poz earnings, strong morning, shorted in both ToS account (experiment) and IB, C & B entries

VIPS — 198, 8.84K, 40.2K, yes borrow, short C covered minC, waiting for Typ3

BLNK -- 565, 16.1K, 25.4K, stock du jour looked like, no borrow, went dead though, note 10/16 TC dichotomy

VTVT -- n/a, 4.48K, 22.3K, back from the dead, no borrow, gave beautiful spots, coulda had full amazing position but no borrow means no joy

MBOT — 540, 7.1K, 18.3K, full red restricted from short sale, came alive in afternoon, super cynical drive, slimy stock

BIOC -- 25, 2.57K, 12.6K, yes borrow (surprise!), so even though very thin, shorted B & A (new sizing experiment, not a great idea, go back to original amounts — no risk, no reward), they filled me on 100x cover, but didn’t fill me a single share short there, bastards, another reason not to cover any there, ever

CLDC 1.43K, 8.55K, 12.0K, active PO then went dead, no borrow

BOXL -- 140, 1.47K, 4.66K, completely dead, H2Z, 10TC1.53K, no borrow

SPI -- 110, 1.22K, 3.27K, completely dead, H2Z, 10TC1.23K, no borrow

TLGT — 131, 653, 1.53K, yes borrow, semi-active PO and a good example of something that is thin and dead, note 10/16 TC (see chart below)