Slow Boat Brewery's Back Bacon Buccaneer

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Yes, yes, another gimmicky flavor, but who can say no to bacon? This was really interesting, they used maple bacon so you get the full hearty breakfast thing going on, thick pancakes grilled in bacon grease, slathered in butter, and drowned in maple syrup.  This is a beer I could have for breakfast.  Yum!

From the brewery:

Back Bacon Buccaneer
(ABV 7.7%, IBU 20, SRM 8)
Hops: Chinook and Mount Hood and Wilamet
Malts: New Zealand base malt, German Crystal malt
A medium bodied, full flavored ale that tastes like summer BBQs and grandma’s pancake breakfast all in one. This beer is a refreshing, total-package sensory experience that manages to balance warm smoky bacon notes with a perfectly delicate maple finish. Ideal for the beer lover looking for a taste of home.