One Disaster and One Near Disaster

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The day trader I wrote about earlier has had some bad luck of late. Study these two charts closely to learn from his mistakes. APHB CETX

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Update: Another near disaster on May 18th ... can you spot what he's doing wrong? GLYC

UPDATE: June 1, 2017 ... MBOT

UPDATE: June 8, 2017 ... ABIL

July 18, 2017 in CAPR 

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December 4, 2017 ... PXS and ASTC ... same old story, gets stuck in a Flying Pig, doesn't exit for a "small" ten or twenty thousand dollar loss ... I assume he adds to the losing position in an attempt to improve his average (475,898 shares traded in total), but price keeps rising (high in PXS was $12.22!) ... says he was down 98K, made some back when PXS finally broke at 2:45 PM. ASTC same thing, just less dramatic (smaller size probably and smaller move).

2017-12-04_21-43-19 pxs.jpg
2017-12-04_21-47-56 astc.jpg

December 22, 2017 ... short SGLB ... $39K loss ... nearly half a million shares traded. 

2017-12-24_18-06-09 sglb 2.jpg

December 26, 2017 ... when the "halt resume" washout long fails, this time in FTFT ... ~$44K loss ... over 600,000 shares traded. 

2017-12-26_16-57-19 madaz.jpg

Jan. 4, 2018 ... CNET and CPAH ... nearly a million shares traded.

2018-01-05_7-21-53 madazcnet.jpg
2018-01-05_7-23-50 madazcpah.jpg

Jan. 5, 2018 ~$58,000 loss, long $CNET ... over half a million shares traded ... fighting it on the other side after a bad loss previous day. Clearly "day after" revenge trading ... ugly but happens to the best of us.... 

2018-01-05_20-37-59 max cnet.jpg

Jan. 9, 2018 $FORD ... this one no doubt caught a lot of Pigs Players off guard ... then why they tried to reverse long after the squeeze to $4, smackdown: 

2018-01-19_20-55-27 madaz.jpg

May 7, 2018 ... BLNK a runaway, trapped short, tried to average down down down, just gets more and more stuck, pulls the plug at the top: 

2018-05-08_7-55-47 madaz.jpg

May 8, 2018 ... Another large loss, this time from the long side. I assume he did his "halt resume" play here with insane size and it instantly "dumped" on him to the tune of 60-80 cents ... but it's just a guess. 

2018-05-08_19-39-50 blnk madaz.jpg

May 11, 2018 ... -27K, wrong side of another runner, HEAR, apparently with "half size," which is fortunate... otherwise the loss would be twice as large.