A Method to His Madness

Added on by C. Maoxian.

I have been following this day trader on Twitter for a couple of weeks now. He reveals quite a bit about how he operates and has several dozen videos on YouTube which I found instructive. Let me walk you through his stock selection routine (as I understand it).

He tweets his watch list every morning before the open:

All of these tickers are drawn from the Up Gappers screen using Trade Ideas (an invaluable tool I highly recommend).

GNCMA was a buyout, but I'm not sure why he skipped over GBR. In any event, he put the next six tickers on his watch list. They're all low-float, mostly single-digit priced stocks. 

At the open he narrows down the list further by watching what is on the move just after the market opens. Again he uses Trade Ideas for this. Watch his Trade Ideas setup videos (one and two) to understand the filter criteria he uses: 

Then at the end of the day he always posts his P&L (which I think is a little nuts since it gives one "performance pressure," but maybe he thrives on it):

So we can see that he did in fact trade BNTC (long), CYCC (long), and DFFN (short). He doesn't generally reveal how much size he's doing and *never* reveals his exact entries and exits (for obvious reasons). Nevertheless it's worth studying his stock selection routine and I recommend you follow him on Twitter if you are a fellow (or aspiring) day trader.