Movies Watched -- The Hateful Eight

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Not on my Top 100 list since it scored 75% (including idiot bloggers) and 62% (top critics only), but I watched it anyway since it made other people's Ten Best lists. Running time is 167 (!) minutes which is nearly three hours long for those bad at math. Totally self-indulgent, it is at least an hour too long. The Weinsteins always give Tarantino total creative license, it seems. 

Anyway, in addition to being too long, the movie doesn't really work, it's stylish but ultimately empty, similar to Inglorious Bastards (and even Django in some ways, though Christoph Waltz's brilliance really carried that one). If you like Tarantino, you'll love it; if you hate Tarantino (as most mainstream critics do), you'll hate it; if you have mixed feelings about Tarantino, you'll probably not be thrilled ... I wasn't thrilled, fast forwarding from the 100 minute mark. A long-winded parlor drama which builds to an ultra-violent end. Red rating, avoid. 

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