Movies Watched -- Ant-man

Added on by C. Maoxian.

115 minute running time so definitely 20 minutes too long. Watched 40 minutes before I lost interest and fast-forwarded to the end. Paul Rudd, Alicia Silverstone's older brother in Clueless, plays the reluctant superhero, and I just don't like the guy, he's a wimp. These Marvel movies are all formula, the violence lightened by smartass humor -- squarely aimed at teenagers, I suppose.  For some reason Guardians of the Galaxy worked for me, but this one didn't. At the very end, a sassy hapa beauty appeared (see below) named Anna Akana, who I guess is a YouTube star ... a rare bright moment.  Red rating, avoid. 

Rex hated it too: "Ant-Man is no Spider-Man or Avenger, especially played by Paul Rudd, who looks like a fraternity boy and has neither the charisma nor the cajones to carry an assignment of this magnitude." Indeed.

Good looking enough to wear hideous eyeglasses