Movies Watched -- Reprise (2006)

Added on by C. Maoxian.

In Norwegian, 107 minute running time but felt much longer.

After enjoying Thelma, I thought I’d watch all the movies Joachim Trier made, and I think this was his first. It’s about a group of young men in Oslo, two of whom have literary ambitions (pretensions), and one of the two has a mental health crisis … it’s about friendship and growing up and growing apart, I guess. I wasn’t super thrilled with it.

They’re rich kids sort of, no visible means of support but comfortable and jet off to Paris for the weekend. They mention the east side versus the west side of Oslo (poor vs. rich kids), but don’t go into any detail. The girlfriend (Kari) is from the east side.

What the hell kind of novel could a 20-year-old kid write? Angst? What angst? It wasn’t badly made, but I didn’t find the story all that interesting. The boring portrait of privileged artists as young men in Norway .. yellow rating.

Blogger Jason Kottke with Scandinavian babe

Blogger Jason Kottke with Scandinavian babe