Movies Watched -- Oslo, August 31st (2012)

Added on by C. Maoxian.

In Norwegian. 95 minutes but felt much longer because it’s a talk talk talk movie.

Still on a Joachim Trier kick after enjoying Thelma and not thinking much of Reprise. This movie starred the same kid as in Reprise … this time he’s playing a recovering drug addict from a good Oslo family … there’s a class element to these movies that interests me, but that’s about it. Everyone in Oslo is gorgeous, well, the women are anyway.

It’s another case where the story in the end … it’s just … who cares? Art House stuff. Kid had it all and pissed it away, boo hoo. Loss, guilt, regret, yeah yeah yeah. Not sure why the women all fell in love with him.

There was one scene that I liked where he’s listening in on various inane conversations at the surrounding tables at a cafe, and all his thoughts that life is pointless are confirmed. (One reason I loved living in China was that, even though my Chinese is excellent, I was able to tune out all surrounding conversations.)

Yellow rating if you’re interested in the dangers of drugs or beautiful Scandinavian women.

Look at this tooth, I’m not completely perfect

Look at this tooth, I’m not completely perfect