Movies Watched -- A Most Wanted Man

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a German intelligence agent ... everyone in his unit speaks English, oddly ... he smokes and drinks enough in this one to down a rhino, which he oddly resembles, a blonde rhino.  Robin Wright shows up as a CIA agent with a horrible dye job, black, maybe trying to pass as KD Lang ... beautiful fake blonde "human rights" lawyer ... Willem Dafoe doesn't play a Batman villain, but a German banker villain (more evil) with a soft spot, a bitchy bored wife, and an AMG Mercedes ... they got that guy from Nazi central casting (Hitler mustache, wire-rim glasses) to play the bad German intelligence guy ... was sort of interesting but not really ... spoiler: the Americans swoop in at the end with their black glass Suburbans and scoop up all the bad guys to send off to god knows where.  Hoffman goes home to drink more, smoke more, and play Brahms using two fingers.  Not 90% fresh but already in the queue before I made the new cutoff, so I watched it. Yellow rating.