Movies Watched -- 20,000 Days On Earth

Added on by C. Maoxian.

All future movies watched posts will just be my stream of consciousness notes taken as I watched the movie, which might not be very coherent.

93 minutes ... 20,000 days is just short of 55 years ... funny looking chinless guy ... he's a songwriter ... going to see his shrink ... his name is Nick, Nick Somebody, no idea ... he's articulate ... bunch of ageing rockers, I have no idea who they are, they're probably famous ... "memory is what we are" ... former junkie ... bald shrink with index finger pressed into cheek so you know he's top drawer ... shrink with round wirerim glasses and sensuous mouth ... rockstar sunglasses and gold rings including the pinkie ... hippie rocker buddy's house has great view of Dover cliffs ... importance of collaborators ... ageing rockers in paisley shirts (proving that they don't work for the man) ... his group's name is The Birthday Party? no idea ... Cave, he does have a name: Nick Cave (never heard of him of course) ... he's Australian not English ... "Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds" (I like the band's name) ... beautiful wife ... that pretty girl in his back seat is probably Kylie Minogue but I don't know for sure since I wouldn't know her if we shared an elevator ... hipster audience at his live show ...  white hipsters ... beautiful young women love this chinless old guy ... early teenage twin boys who look like their mother, fortunately. Kind of interesting, didn’t fast forward it … Yellow rating.