House of Cards -- Season Three

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Finished it today, what, ten days after it was released? So not exactly a binge. The show hasn't jumped the shark quite yet, but maybe soon? The homoerotic stuff makes me uncomfortable. Kevin Spacey has never struck me as a tough guy ... he might be a ruthless sociopath, but the softness (and pudginess) I see in him messes up the image for me.

Stamper works better as an evil guy because he's so lean (even more gaunt after his recovery). The same is true of Putin, er, Petrov.

Robin Wright reminds me of Rachel in Blade Runner ... the perfect posture, the poise, the diction, the clothes, the bleached teeth (and hair), the Stepford Wife / Ice Queen thing. Season three takes a twist on her sociopath story, not sure if it makes sense. 

Again (like Bosch), this show probably appeals to late Boomers and Gen X. Not sure if the kids (Gen Y and Millennials) care for it.  I can still recommend it to members of the liberal coastal elite; the show won't fly in flyover country. My selected screenshots below.

Cast: Kevin Spacey (b. 1959); Robin Wright (b. 1966); Michael Kelly (b. 1969); Mahershala Ali (b. 1974); Molly Parker (b. 1972); Elizabeth Marvel (b. 1969); Jayne Atkinson (b. 1959)