Bosch -- Season One

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I finished watching season one of "Bosch." Watched all ten episodes in a binge over a couple days.  It was ok, not great.  I've read all the books so I was interested in the TV adaptation.  The show seems pretty squarely aimed at Gen-Xers, maybe also late Boomers. The kids (Gen-Ys and Millennials) probably wouldn't care for it.  Here's the main cast:

Titus Welliver as Det. Harry Bosch b. 1961 
Jamie Hector as Det. Jerry Edgar b. 1975 
Amy Aquino as Lieutenant Grace Billets b. 1957 
Lance Reddick as Deputy Chief Irvin Irving b. 1962
Annie Wersching as Officer Julia Brasher b. 1977
Sarah Clarke as Eleanor Wish b. 1972
Jason Gedrick as Raynard Waits b. 1965

There are a couple of Gen Yers on there, Jamie Hector, who plays the token black sidekick (he's not a great actor, I think he was also in the Wire?), and Annie Wersching who plays Bosch's lover (she has a great, voluptuous bod when not in uniform). Aquino plays a Latina Lieutenant, and later a Lesbian Latina Lieutenant, unnecessarily I thought.  Had the stiff police chief Irvin Irving reprising his Wire role. Cast included a craven blogger. Not enough Latinos in this given the LA location, just a few bit parts. Gedrick is pretty sinister as the psycho, he must work very hard to look that good at 50.

Bosch was a Vietnam vet, a "tunnel rat," and they tried to update him as an Iraq/Afghanistan vet, which doesn't really make sense since he'd be 40 when 9/11 happened. And Bosch was a tortured guy in the books, he didn't have a cute teenage daughter whose eyebrows needed plucking ... he was in a very dark place all the time. And he was sharp, a street-smart detective who could read anybody. Welliver can't really pull this off, going harder on the tough guy with a soft spot routine.

The arc wasn't that great, show to show writing and acting wasn't very even.  I guess overall I'm pretty disappointed with it.

My selected screenshots: