TV Shows Watched -- Fauda

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Watched season one awhile back and have been meaning to blog about it... this is the best TV show I've seen in a *long* time ... it's from Israel and it's about an Israeli counter-terrorism unit ... old readers know I'm not a fan of War Porn or anything that glorifies the Security State, but this is really well-done drama. 

Most important of all it shows you how absurd the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is. These are people who can't tell each other apart on sight, and they speak one another's language so perfectly that they can't even hear an accent! The root of the problem here can't be competing creation myths, it has to be about resources (land, water, capital, etc.)

Anyway, it's on Netflix and I can't recommend it highly enough. Here are my selected screenshots with comments: