Trump Victory Bearish for Twitter

Added on by C. Maoxian.

I've been avoiding Twitter like the plague ever since the election, and I assume I'm not alone in doing so. I used to open it religiously first thing in the morning, but now I can't bear to read through my various lists, let alone spend hours (?) scrolling back through hundreds of tweets in classic OCD fashion.

I anticipated The Donald's victory, but that doesn't mean I want to be reminded about the absurdity of it all. Turn off and tune out is the order of the day, I'd say. This may be the thing that finally cures my Twitter addiction, hurray!

Twitter's stock price, as you can see below, has created a very messy chart which has frustrated this simple "trend follower." Despite buying last June, I missed the exit at $25.25 where everyone on Twitter told me they sold, and in fact made only 42 cents from my entry in the end (before commissions and taxes). Now I'm short and losing money (so far). 

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