Trading Notes -- 20190220 Wednesday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Poz tone for the SPY yet again. Never a down day, for months now. PO HTBs KNDI, CLSD, RIOT … interestingly IB had a few shares of KNDI and CLSD which I anticipated would all be pre-borrowed and was correct about … RIOT is full red unshortable … KNDI squeezed all morning and into 13:30 and I shorted C&B and eventually A off of PO difangs, IB gave me a very nice fill on the A since they ran out of borrows in the morning then found some in the afternoon and filled me right then (near top tick of course) … would have been awkward if I wanted to add at C1 and had no shares available, woulda been a major bummer but it didn’t happen. KNDI has had a $300M shelf in effect for a year and a half now and this NHTSA approval the perfect spot for them to sell into, but we’ll see. Able to carry since not paying 7x for the overnight barrow, ha! CLSD a little more straightforward, shorted C&B and could have added A but they ran out of borrow (didn’t pre-borrow enough, same as KNDI), woulda been near top tick (of course) but I’m fine with this ave and will hold into a StuckAtaProfit day(s) and eventually cover out for the expected gain (he says confidently (hopefully?)) … they did find 20K more shares after hours, but we’ll see about adding them, probably won’t.