Trading Notes -- 20190207 Thursday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Broad tone neg, first trend day down in ages … I got a margin call in my $4000 ToS account on the ARRY as they gapped it against me, that was a surprise, never seen such a thing, it must suck to be a little guy, any kind of day trading just impossible if you’re short stacked, no wonder the kids go to the sleazy offshore bookie brokers, they don’t have a choice … anyway stopped out of ARRY and re-shorted it immediately in both ToS and IB. AMRS looked weak so I did the Smashian in the money add and it instantly went against me. Added more off today’s OR, but they drove me out. Made a sorta mistake not tightening stop on it, but did end up taking 1R loss (on one leg only, coulda and shoulda been three legs given morning action but I was confused by in the money add and old posish so thankfully took a smaller loss than I should have) on today’s trade … the larger AMRS play still underway, even added some more at C which was only semi-wise? Covered some MGNX at D since the range is so crazy there, I’ll be happy to be all out at minC, fingers crossed it’s way down there… two decent HTB plays this morning HYRE and ATOS (see below), I played neither, PULM a latecomer and instantly failed, I never woulda been quick enough, BIOC also briefly in play, I didn’t take the borrow, LCI earnings thought I’d get a play but they slammed it so hard during OR it was finished.