Trading Notes -- 20190128 Monday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Broad tone neg ... short tailwind... jammed out pre-open on remainder BIOC (bastards), woulda been shaken out same spot in reg hours but still, dirty, small loss in the end, will have to look for precise number but very small; CLRO covered some at minC looking for Typ3, maybe too greedy, reevaluated, prolly 185 more realistic than 175, it's so completely dead impossible to exit any size, StuckAtaProfit Day Two dog; BBBY finally went to B/E level to take me out, instantly dropped back 50 cents, comical, should have been out of that days ago; OSTK came in with a plan, they tested the prev day high during OR clever devils, reversed, filled B & A hoping for A+ no joy; SLM got lucky opened weak, got out of all at modest targets, dodged a bullet cuz that was definitely a revenge trade with revenge size and I got away with it, needed the money :)

AVCO (2.74K, 14.1K, 63.9K) and BIOC (1.46K, 11.1K, 21.7K) the stocks du jour, AVCO FIDO 15, no borrow in either at IB/ToS, shorted (0.065) AVCO at B coulda gotten A but it was tricky during OR, covered some at minC, it came back in afternoon stopped me out on balance at A, re-shorted it at B which had become perfect support lol, instantly jammed out at 1R loss but I didn't add A A+ which was good, once difangs shot on the afternoon short squeeze, I'm sort of at a loss (ha!) but think it best to leave alone, avoid revenge trading, it was a good solid player, tons of activity and volatility, really enjoyed it. Pretty quick to figure out new order entry system, slippage not proving to be horrible, but it shows you how good IB's TWS really is. Liked the 3PM failed breakout in AVCO so took another stab at it, broke hard to VWAP and held, very hard to piece out a position using limit orders since there are no OCOs, it's all hot key stuff, too quick for an old man. Took it all off at A level in pieces, clock was ticking but B level woulda also worked. Got back a little. OK to lose a couple hundred bucks monkeying around with new order entry platform.

BIOC there was an opp during OR but required anticipation and I was afraid of revenging it so focused on much more active AVCO instead, which was good.

Need to get the ~$4K out of ToS since it's useless for trading more or less and everyone tells me they keep their account open with $100, so I'll do that this week.

AVCO was a perfect long of course (look at the chart below) but I'm always looking short... I know how to get long, I have good, nay near-perfect, entries, etc., but I'm just opposed to it for some bizarre psychological reason.

TRVN sub $1 stock that came over a dollar and showed up on scanner, no borrow IB, oops they found 150K shares just for me, above magic level no play.