Trading Notes -- 20190117 Thursday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Positive broad tone … LMFA the stock du jour, no borrow, though god knows I tried. LPCN a possibility since I had borrow but it broke pre-open and I wasn’t at desk… BIOC came back alive but no borrow … PCG up big pre-open but I was worried about “news” and didn’t want to gamble on it … SIG miss meant I could exit BBBY short in part at zero line, still waiting with rest at Typ3 below… I should have been watching UNFI but wasn’t, not on the ball for some reason, no pre-game plan for UNFI like I had for VHC … former SDJ KTOV goes dead (see below) … even MBOT did under 9K trades EOD, still restricted … covered some FTK at zero line, should have done that before, just waiting at Typ3 with rest … no new trades, no borrows means total discipline.

First day monkeying with ThinkOrSwim order entry … seems I didn’t have “Advanced Features” enabled so I couldn’t see what was “Hard To Borrow” and my orders kept getting rejected. Online rep “Warren_G” (Regulate!) told me I could get in their HTB program with a 100K deposit (portfolio margin), slightly more than the $4,100.45 I currently have with them.

LMFA: No borrow, FIDO #15

4.94K, 40.3K, 79.3K

LPCN: Yes borrow, FIDO #17

6.92K, 17.9K, 56.4K

PCG: Yes borrow, FIDO #9

4.94K, 50.3K, 352K

BIOC: No borrow, FIDO #25, note 10/16 TC change

128, 1.51K, 37.3K

UNFI: Yes borrow

37, 4.57K, 27.2K

CRMD: No borrow

975, 6.06K, 15.2K

MBOT: No borrow, restricted

1.09K, 4.14K, 8.91K

AMTX: No borrow

385, 983, 1.4K