Trading Notes -- 20190116 Wednesday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Lackluster broad tone…. lots of action PO in small cap land, but almost universally had no borrow… OESX active PO, I had a borrow so I traded it, in B & C, thought about minc but took off at zero line because it was scarily illiquid and I had missized it slightly, got lucky, could have been murdered if they chose to … VHC was the one I came into the day with a plan, but they opened it so weak all my best laid plans were kiboshed, however it bounced and I was able to use OR difangs to get C B A entries and they even touched 100x the clever devils … exited at zero line and minc 50:50 which was sort of a mistake but I’m new to non-greedy exits … I think I have wiped out all GME/IQ catastrophic losses now (that didn’t take long), still super painful to break rules and get ass handed to self … BIOC came alive late, no borrow … KTOV was beautiful but no borrow then they midday offering’d it, the rotten bastards … still being patient with FTK and BBBY, shoulda non-greedied some FTK yday but oh well, will know better next time.

TBLT: No borrow, FIDO #8

09:25 4.45K, 10:00 31.6K, 16:00 80.4K

BIOC: No borrow, FIDO #19, latecomer 10 N/A

09:25 27, 10:00 n/a, 16:00 45.4K

NBEV: Yes borrow, FIDO #17, something of a Usual Suspect these days

09:25 2.03K, 10:00 13.2K, 16:00 43.4K

MBOT: No borrow — full red RESTRICTED, FIDO #18

09:25 3.00K, 10:00 18.5K, 16:00 32.3K

KTOV: No borrow, intraday offering

09:25 1.20K, 10:00 7.26K, 16:00 29.5K

INPX: No borrow, went illiquid note 10TC

09:25 1.30K, 10:00 4.62K, 16:00 8.18K

ABIL: Yes borrow, way too thin at OR note 10TC

09:25 902, 10:00 1.84K, 16:00 5.84K

CCCL: No borrow

09:25 585, 10:00 2.30K, 16:00 4.21K

OESX: Yes borrow, got lucky trading this ultra thin puppy

09:25 568, 10:00 1.59K, 16:00 2.69K