Trading Notes -- 20190108 Tuesday

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Chance to scratch IQ, got greedy said nah … did scratch some GME according to plan but still fighting it with bulk … impossible to fill PRAN, just insanely thin, tops was 15K in 15 min bar, finally took offer in disgust … sorting scanner by poz neg not TC, must train myself to look at it this way

AXSM: Some borrow pre-open but none all day RH, FIDO #12, sold more PO per plan, hard stop in (after IQ and GME lessons)

  • 09:25 2.58K, 10:00 25.7K, 16:00 75.9K

RHE: No borrow, maddening since it gave good spots, was FIDO during day but crowded out EOD, viz dead TC

  • 09:25 59, 10:00 6.04K, 16:00 15.7K

TOPS: Yes borrow, PO active, sold it, took two legs off per plan, B/E on rest

  • 9:25 1.08K, 10:00 3.88K, 16:00 8.12K