The Honourable Woman -- Season One

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Slick production but I don't know if the story made any sense ... starred Maggie Gyllenhaal who has kind of an awkward presence ... she seems gawky, like an overgrown child, and has a baby face ... she is cute but not in a grown woman way ... she has this posh British accent, not sure how real it is, and her pacing and enunciation is just like all the finishing school girls I know (unfortunately many) ... anyway, her father made a fortune manufacturing arms for the Israelis and now she's trying to make amends by building (fiber optic) bridges to Palestine ... she has a baby-faced brother who screws all her plans up (and he's screwing the housekeeper / PLA mole as well) ... there's a kidnapping, a suicide, er, assassination, mumbling and scheming British MI6 agents of both sexes, political machinations, evil Americans with crew cuts, Israeli terrorists, a drone bombing, it all gets confusing. Not sure I can recommend it. May best fall into the slick but dumb category.