The Forbes Four Hundred: Advertisers in 1983 Issue

Added on by C. Maoxian.

The Forbes 400 "Richest People in America" special issue first appeared in 1982. These are the advertisers in the following year's issue. It's always interesting to review magazines from X years ago to see what has disappeared and what hasn't.

Becoming a shareholder in the military-industrial complex (McDonnell Douglas, Raytheon, and Lockheed each took out two-page full-color ads) would have been smart. Japanese companies taking out full-page color ads: Toshiba and Seiko; ones taking out full-page black and white ads: Canon, Minolta, Mitsubishi Aircraft International, and YKK. 

I excluded the ads placed within the two special advertising sections: 1) Industrial Development Board for Northern Ireland, and 2) Los Angeles: Colossus of the West.

Full color, two page

  • McDonnell Douglas (aircraft - MD-80)
  • Ford (cars - Lincoln Town Car)
  • FalconJet (aircraft - private jets, Dassault)
  • American Express (the gold card)
  • IBM (computers)
  • City Investing Company (conglomerate? liquidated a year later)
  • The Greyhound Corporation (bus travel)
  • Sperry (computers, now Unisys or Honeywell)
  • AT&T (telecommunications, "make the dream of the Information Age a reality")
  • General Motors (cars - Chevrolet Celebrity)
  • Raytheon (electronics, marine market) (sailboat pictured)
  • Bankers Trust Company (bank, "innovative financing solutions," bought by Deutsche Bank in 1998) (sailboat pictured)
  • IBM (desktop computers)
  • AT&T ("teleconferencing system")
  • CSX (railroads)
  • Lockheed (military equipment)
  • US WEST (holding company for Pacific Northwest Bell, Mountain Bell, Northwestern Bell (AT&T divestiture))
  • Gulfstream Aerospace (aircraft - private jets, General Dynamics purchased in 1999)

Full color, one page

  • CNA (insurance) (back cover)
  • Courvoisier (booze - brandy) (inside front cover)
  • Lotus (cars) (inside back cover)
  • Pinch (booze - blended scotch whisky)
  • AT&T (emergency call system console)
  • Piaget (watches)
  • RCA (televisions)
  • Bally (shoes, accessories)
  • American Express Travel Management Services (corporate credit cards)
  • Bailey Banks & Biddle (jewelers) (+1/3 next page color ad)
  • Bank of New York (private banking, merged with Mellon in 2007) (sailboat pictured)
  • Hathaway (dress shirts)
  • Citibank (private baking) (jet pictured)
  • General Motors (cars - Pontiac Fiero)
  • Rolex (watches)
  • Bally (travel - amusement parks)
  • General Motors (cars - Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Convertible)
  • Lanier (dictation machine)
  • Volvo (cars - no specific model mentioned)
  • Renault (cars - Renault Alliance, "outstanding MPG")
  • Corum (watches)
  • Bell Helicopter (aircraft - private helicopters, Textron the parent company)
  • San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (attracting regional investment)
  • Gordon's (booze - gin)
  • National Car Rental (travel - car rental) 
  • British Airways (travel - airlines)
  • RKO General (conglomerate? "A subsidiary of the General Tire & Rubber Company")
  • Bank of America ("international banking services")
  • General Re (reinsurance)
  • United States Postal Service (express mail service, "2-Pound Pak $9.35," nice to see that 1983 price)
  • Johnnie Walker (booze - blended Scotch whisky)
  • CBI Industries (construction, heavy equipment?, Chicago Bridge & Iron maybe?)
  • Hilton (travel - hotels)
  • ARA Services (food services, now "Aramark")
  • Santa Fe Industries (construction, non-railroad operations)
  • Frank B. Hall & Co. (insurance, later bought by Reliance (Saul Steinberg) then sold to Aon)
  • The Morgan Bank (private banking) (golf course pictured)
  • Toshiba (televisions)
  • Lotus Development Corp. (software, Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets)
  • Data Switch (data communications centers)
  • Gourmet Nut Center (nut catalog)
  • Northwest (travel - airline, featuring their "Regal Imperial service" for first and executive class)
  • Seiko (watches)
  • Mutual Broadcasting System (radio network, ad makes it sound like lobby group for radio and television industry?)
  • Twentieth Century Investors (mutual funds)

Black and white, three pages

  • Nautilus (exercise equipment)

Black and white, two pages

  • AT&T (business telephones)
  • Equitec (real estate limited partnership)
  • The Hartford Insurance Group (insurance)

Black and white, full page

  • Kidder, Peabody & Co. (securities and investments, sold to GE > PaineWebber > UBS) (sailboat pictured)
  • Selchow & Righter (board game manufacturer, advertising Trivial Pursuit)
  • J.&W. Seligman & Co. (investment management)
  • American Express Travel Related Services Company (travel, "magic and mystique of the Far East")
  • Puerto Rico Economic Development Administration (attracting regional investment)
  • Alitalia (travel - airlines)
  • Kiplinger Washington Letter (newsletter)
  • Canon (electronic typewriter)
  • Patek Philippe (watches)
  • The Wall Street Journal (newspapers)
  • Merrill Lynch (securities and investments, "gold, silver and platinum bars are available")
  • Xerox (electronic typewriter, "Memorywriter")
  • Minolta (photocopiers)
  • Cable and Wireless (telecommunications)
  • Ryder Truck Leasing and Renting (truck leasing)
  • Drexel Burnham Lambert (securities and investments, later forced into bankruptcy)
  • Ford (extended service plan)
  • Prudential (insurance)
  • Mitsubishi Aircraft International (private jet maintenance) 
  • Johnson & Higgins (insurance, later sold to Marsh & McLennan)
  • YKK (zippers)
  • Zurich-American (insurance)
  • Chemical Bank (bank, advertising "corporate credit," bought Chase Manhattan Bank, adopted Chase brand)
  • Pan Am (travel - airline)
  • CBS Radio Network (radio programs (imagine that!))
  • highTechnology magazine (magazine out of Boulder, CO, disappeared - I can find *nothing* about it)
  • Value Line Investment Survey (investment newsletter) 
  • WorldPaper (newspaper, disappeared - I can find *nothing* about it)

Full color, two thirds of a page

  • Ampad Corporation (yellow legal pads)
  • Louisiana Office of Commerce and Industry (attracting regional investment)

Black and white, two thirds of a page

  • Western Temporary Services (temp agency, formerly known as Western Girl, now known as Westaff)
  • Helaba Frankfurt (German bank)
  • The Personal Computer in Business Book (book written by Peter A McWilliams, small publisher)
  • United Business & Investment Service (investment newsletter,  disappeared - I can find *nothing* about it) 

Black and white, half page

  • Lazard Freres & Co. (financial advisors)

Full color, quarter page

  • The Bombard Society (luxury travel)
  • Royal Canadian Mint (maple leaf gold coins)
  • The Regent Hong Kong (travel - hotel, Hong Kong)
  • Frenchman's Reef Beach Resort (travel - hotel, St. Thomas, now owned by Marriott)
  • Sebago (shoes)
  • San Diego Economic Development Corporation (attracting regional investment)
  • John's Island (member-owned club in Vero Beach, Florida)
  • Oklahoma Department of Economic Development (attracting regional investment)

Black and white, quarter page

  • French Shriner (shoes)
  • EMGO USA Ltd. (bulletproof clothing, I'm not kidding, article from 1982 NY Times)
  • Miroir Brot (non-fogging, magnifying mirror)
  • Miami Lakes Properties, Inc. (business park)
  • Hobie Cat (sailboats) (yes, a sailboat pictured) 
  • Wright Arch Preserver Shoes (shoes)
  • LaserDays ("programmable calendar")
  • The Granville Market Letter (investment newsletter) 

Full color, eighth of a page

  • Hampton Hall, Ltd. (ties, hats, belts, wallets)