Southwest Airlines Pop, 1 Minute View

Added on by C. Maoxian.

All the airlines (AAL, DAL, etc.) popped at the same time Monday afternoon ... assume scanner would have chirped in time ... great risk reward into the close assuming you were a fast boy and got in within that minute ... look at the tick chart to see realistic entry and stop placement, can't see this on the one minute. Seat capacity quote must have appeared on Bloomberg terminal first; there's a reason people pay $1,800 a month for it.  $9.99 data feed guys the sucker fish who just latch on. 

LUV CEO Kelly said, ‘We don’t want to grow 8%, we’re not going to grow 8% and we can easily trim the schedule to stick to 7%.’

StockTwits stream at the time ... no one with access to a Bloomberg terminal, it appears? Umm, holy cow, huh, whoa, what happened?