Shameless -- Season One

Added on by C. Maoxian.

I've only watched the pilot so far, but wanted to put this up as a placeholder.  Initially not thrilled with it. The story of an alcoholic father and his brood of children who have to fend for themselves on the (white) south side of Chicago. Everyone is attractive, except for William Macy, and generally cheerful despite the poverty ... I find that offensive. If you want to see real poor whites, tune into Cops.

I'll soldier on and try to watch the rest of season one.

OK, I watched episode two and decided to stop. Yes, there are some funny lines, some amusing situations, but the root of the story is poverty and alcoholism and dysfunction ... and if you're playing that for laughs, it doesn't work for me ... it's unseemly. In addition to everyone being above-average attractive, they're also fairly articulate. Poor white families don't talk like these people do.  Also how the show handles sex (and homosexuality) and race (his youngest baby boy is half-black), it kind of grosses me out. Not sure who the target audience is, I guess Millennials ... probably squarely aimed at Millennials. Not my bag.