NQ Mobile Share Ownership

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Shares Outstanding: 51,013,592

Free Float: 50,324,842

185 Investment Managers hold 34,140,568 shares representing 66.92% of outstanding shares.

22 Brokerage Firms hold 4,812, 990 shares representing 9.43% of outstanding shares.

2 Strategic Entities hold 688,750 shares representing 1.35% of outstanding shares.

Top Ten Investors:

Altimeter Capital Management, LLC hold 12.31% of outstanding shares with 6,277,552 shares (31-Mar-2014)

ChinaRock Capital Management Limited (Sibling) hold 11.51% of outstanding shares with 5,872,351 shares (02-Jun-2014)

Farallon Capital Management, L.L.C. hold 5.51% of outstanding shares with 2,810,931 shares  (30-Apr-2014)

Toro Investment Partners, LP hold 4.44% of outstanding shares with 2,265,793 shares  (31-Jan-2014)

Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC hold 3.30% of outstanding shares with 1,683,904 shares  (31-Mar-2014) -- Brokerage Firm

Beijing Century GSR Ventures Management Co., Ltd. hold 3.06% of outstanding shares with 1,563,022 shares  (06-Sep-2013) [Golden Sand River 金沙江]

Kylin Management LLC hold 2.99% of outstanding shares with 1,522,965 shares  (31-Mar-2014) [366 Madison Avenue 16th Floor NYC]

CR Intrinsic Investors, L.L.C. hold 2.62% of outstanding shares with 1,335,855 shares (31-Mar-2014) -- [SAC affiliate]

Oberweis Asset Management, Inc. hold 2.60% of outstanding shares with 1,324,179 shares  (31-Mar-2014)

Susquehanna Financial Group, LLP hold 2.47% of outstanding shares with 1,259,088 shares (31-Mar-2014) -- Brokerage Firm


Top Ten Funds:

DNB Asian Small Cap hold 1.76% of outstanding shares with 897,793 shares (30-Apr-2014)

Oberweis China Opportunities hold 0.94% of outstanding shares with 480,000 shares (31-Mar-2014)

Statens Pensjonsfond Utland hold 0.88% of outstanding shares with 447,568 shares (31-Dec-2013)

PNC International Equity Fund hold 0.77% of outstanding shares with 391,905 shares (30-Apr-2014)

Oberweis Emerging Growth Portfolio hold 0.30% of outstanding shares with 151,800 shares (31-Mar-2014)

PowerShares Golden Dragon China Portfolio hold 0.30% of outstanding shares with 151,335 shares (31-May-2014)

Grandeur Peak International Opportunities Fund hold 0.21% of outstanding shares with 104,666 shares (31-Jan-2014)

Oberweis Micro-Cap Portfolio hold 0.20% of outstanding shares with 102,700 shares (31-Mar-2014)

DNB Global Emerging Markets SRI hold 0.19% of outstanding shares with 96,494 shares (30-Apr-2014)

DNB Fund - China Century hold 0.10% of outstanding shares with 51,672 shares (Apr-2014)