My LiveCharts View

Added on by C. Maoxian.

The eSignal guys told me that they've discontinued selling LiveCharts, which is too bad. Old users like me are safe, they still maintain the site for us. I like having a web-based interface in case I'm using some other computer somewhere else, and I've always loved how clean these charts look.

It costs $45 a month plus another $30 in exchange fees (if you just trade stocks), so that's about as cheap as you could ever find anywhere, and means I'll probably never drop it. You're limited to five watchlists and five hotlists and ten charts (drag another half dozen charts onto another monitor if you wish), so it's not a "power user" kind of thing. But if you're a dentist who daytrades in between appointments, it suffices.

I always like seeing how people set up their screens. Bloomberg had a nice feature when I was an $1800 a month user where you could share your LaunchPad setup with other $1800 a month users. I was reminded of that while doing the Money dot net trial, since they also allow you to share your Money dot net view with other Money dot net buddies. 

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