Movies Watched -- The Machinist (2004)

Added on by C. Maoxian.

98 minutes so the perfect length, but I still watched it at 1.5x because it was disturbing and I can’t seem to watch anything at normal speed anymore. An emaciated Christian Bale, scary thin, makes watching him very painful, you have an animal response of horror seeing someone who looks like that. Anyway, this is a creepy movie, a sort of mystery / thriller, ultimately about the power of guilt, but I don’t want to spoil it.

They found some crazy Spaniards to finance this and filmed it in Barcelona of all places. Jennifer Jason Leigh plays a hooker with a heart of gold, yet again. Heavy on the Hitchcockian music, channeling old Bernard Herrmann.

Losing your mind, mental health, lack of sleep, delusions, the consequences of violence … all interesting ideas, but I wasn’t super thrilled with it in the end … a yellow rating at best.

Stephanie Zacharek correctly writes: “… ultimately, the picture feels like a cheap thriller dressed up for the art-house set.”

Do I look OK?

Do I look OK?