Movies Watched -- The Guest

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Rotten Tomatoes used to aggregate the movie reviews from newspaper critics and compile a valuable ranking of the Top 100 movies for every year. Now they include the reviews of all kinds of amateur critics (i.e., idiot bloggers) and the usefulness of the list is diminished. "The Guest" appears 90% Fresh, which means it comes on my radar and I watch it only to learn that it's a really dumb movie. It's not badly made, it just makes no sense. 

I'm still working my way through the Top Movies of 2014 and only have three that I liked / can recommend: The Lunchbox, Nightcrawler, and Under the Skin.  May be tough to come up with a Top Ten list for this year, but I'll keep plugging away (for the benefit of you dozen loyal readers).

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