Movies Watched -- The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Added on by C. Maoxian.

I liked this one. It's a story about a teenage girl's sexual life (safely set in 1976 San Francisco), from her perspective ... a "coming of age" tale, though I hate that term ... what's refreshing about this movie is its honesty ... it's not judgmental or moralizing about a lot of the decisions (and mistakes) Minnie makes. And it's funny!

Mainstream audiences will have a big problem with it, the folks in Omaha are not going to be comfortable watching this one.  (For those who have seen it: I would like to point out that Monroe was basically a good guy, and the whole trajectory of Minnie's life would be different if he had been a terrible guy, right? So she was lucky in that sense....) 

Just over 100 minutes so just the right length. Green rating, recommended. 

Oh Oh Oh Skarsgård