Movies Watched -- The Act of Killing

Added on by C. Maoxian.

This one was hard to watch and I stopped after 100 minutes (with another hour to go). Movie is about the death squads in Indonesia who murdered around a million "communists" in 1965-66.  A lot of those killed were ethnic Chinese. There's a paramilitary organization called Pancasila Youth that still exists, has millions of members, specializes in intimidation, shakedowns (again of Chinese merchants), vote rigging, etc. Weird, I didn't know Indonesia is that screwed up.  

The movie tried to mix in these strange performance art pieces, bizarre. Made an uncomfortable viewing experience ("the banality of evil") that much worse. It didn't help that the sidekick of one of the executioners (seen dancing on a former killing ground in screenshot below) looked exactly like Stephen Chow's sidekick in Kung Fu Hustle.