Movies Watched -- Son of Saul

Added on by C. Maoxian.

In Yiddish (and Hungarian and German and Polish). 107 minutes. Broke the rule about never watching anything about the Holocaust, and I'm glad I did because this movie was fantastic. They keep the camera tight on Saul almost all the time, so the background is often fuzzy, and the pace is whirlwind, but you know what's going on ... and you can hear it (the screaming, the shots, the furnaces roaring, etc.) I was just amazed by it all, a solid green rating (go), recommended. 

David Edelstein has an interesting take on the movie (he didn't like it).

This is only the sixth movie from 2015 that I loved and can recommend (the first five are: Mad Max: Fury Road; The Revenant; Shaun the Sheep; Tangerine; and The Diary of a Teenage Girl). I only have a couple dozen left to watch from the original list of 80 (!), so I should be able to get a top ten list for 2015 by the end of it.

Kept his humanity, despite the horrors

Kept his humanity, despite the horrors