Movies Watched -- Room

Added on by C. Maoxian.

113 minute run time but I only watched 20 minutes before fast forwarding to the end. You can't figure out at first why this girl with pretty good bones and a little boy with long hair are staying in this tiny room with only a skylight.

Later you realize, to your horror, that they are imprisoned there ... they're being held captive and the mother is being used as a sex slave by their captor. Then you realize the man must have fathered the child. Then you wonder, was the kid born in the room? Who assisted with the birth? Why have they not tried to escape? Surely they could get through that skylight if they put their minds to it? Why hasn't she slashed the man's throat in the ultimate version of coitus interruptus? 

So it's a horror movie. SPOILERS: The little boy does finally escape (the mother fakes his death and the dumb captor didn't check before attempting to dispose of the body), as does the mother, but the whole movie is just idiotic on its face. Anyone being held captive like that would go nuts within seven weeks or seven months, let alone seven *years,* which was the story. The child would have been totally mad if held in captivity like that, not cutesy-filled-with wonder. I couldn't figure out who on earth could approach a nightmare scenario in this simple-minded a way, but then I realized the movie was made by Canadians. Red rating, avoid. 

I have an expensive vase that looks exactly like that lampshade