Movies Watched -- Raw (2017)

Added on by C. Maoxian.

In French. 98 minutes so within the sacred 100 minute mark, but I still watched it at 1.5x because I'm not into horror generally, esp. horror from France.

A vet school is a good place to stage a horror movie though. Made in France, so attractive young women wander around in their underwear at length (see below). The lead girl was cute as was her butchy sister, when they weren't cannabilizing anyway. Not for the squeamish!

SPOILERS: Pair of sisters, both in vet school, discover they have a taste for human flesh, thanks a lot, Mom. It's not badly made, it's just gross and I wasn't thrilled.

If you're into horror movies, you might like it. There were some funny bits to lighten up the vats of blood being thrown around. Yellow rating for horror fans, red for a general audience.

A funny review by Jeffrey Bloomer.

Red light district

Red light district