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90 minutes, which is the right length for a movie. This is a W.D. By movie so it suffers from the usual W.D. pretentiousness. I streamed it on Netflix so I couldn't fast forward, which I surely would have done (2x ffwd to retain audio).

Hannah Gold's review gets right to the point with her title: Exploring the Psycho-Horror of Female Friendship. Peggy Olson is the daughter of some famous artist who commits suicide and then her rotten boyfriend dumps her, so her mental health isn't so great. She goes to her best friend's place on some upstate lake to recover, but it doesn't help, the place has too many memories, and she and her buddy have a kind of screwed up relationship (i.e., a typical female friendship). Flashbacks to their previous summer there together when their places were sort of flip-flopped. Mirroring, ya know, artsy. 

Peggy's mental health deteriorates. Her buddy isn't much help. And the buddy's boyfriend is a really cruel asshole. At times it has a Martha Marcy May Marlene vibe (a movie I really liked, though mainly because I think Elizabeth Olsen is incredibly beautiful and talented). 

I wasn't thrilled with this. It isn't terrible but it also isn't any good. The critics will love it, audiences will hate it. Yellow rating (consider).

Stop judging me

Stop judging me