Movies Watched -- Omar

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Pleased to announce I've found a fourth movie I can recommend from 2014: Omar. A story of love and betrayal from the West Bank. Sympathetic to the Palestinians' plight which means it won't get widely covered in the mainstream media in the US, but it was good. No idea why they try to pitch it as a thriller, it's not a thriller, it's just drama. Boy meets girl. Boy does awesome parkour throughout the West Bank fleeing burly Israeli security forces. Those isolation walls present a true parkour challenge. Distrust, shifting allegiances, and Marlon Brando Monkeyface is no friend in the end. 96 minutes long so falls within my sacred 100 minute limit. Green rating.

See it if you get the chance!  The other three I can recommend from that year are: The Lunchbox, Nightcrawler, and Under the Skin