Movies Watched -- Museum Hours

Added on by C. Maoxian.

Attractive though dimwitted? Canadian woman ... all Canadians with spark leave of course; she stayed ... maybe that's mean ... anyway, the museum guard, also kind of common, though a bit more introspective, more thoughtful ... they strike up a friendship .. nothing sexual about it, he's gay, and they're both in their 50s, late 50s, early 60s? ... maybe six or seven minutes over the 100 minute mark, but this is very slow stuff ... lonely people ... they could have cut a lot of these atmospheric shots to get it under 100 ... depressing in its commonness, its honesty, I guess you could say ... reflections on art, money, class, politics, the state of modern Austria ...  Bruegel's work: "not sentimental nor do they judge" ... "rubbing our noses in... humanity" ... "importance of the horse's ass" ... flea markets ... still worried about Turkish invasions, ha! ... this isn't for mass consumption, it's about art and life and friendship... and death.

I liked it but don't know if I can recommend it, it's slow and it's too long ... only the sensitive will get this. Maybe one in a thousand will appreciate this like I did.  Green rating but only for the select few.