Movies Watched -- Moonlight (2016)

Added on by C. Maoxian.

110 minute running time … could have easily cut 10 to 20 minutes and that would have helped a lot, but this was an unusual one, I didn’t hate it … a story in three parts… little black boy growing up in Miami (Liberty City), impoverished, crackhead mom, etc. … he’s taken in by the world’s sweetest drug dealer (played by Remy Danton) … part two are his teenage years (Remy is dead), which are esp. horrifying since he’s gay and terrorized for the fact (he was terrorized as a kid too, but it wasn’t as bad then) … part three he’s in his twenties, a drug dealer in Atlanta.

I’m pretty sure the screenplay was written by a gay black man … I don’t think the black director is gay, but I could be wrong. The score has a key underlying power … the language is very black, “street” maybe? Foreign to me, but I appreciated it.

It was a sensitive, thoughtful movie … not terrible. Unusual for sure, I don’t know what a mainstream American audience would make of it … mainstream critics will of course go ga-ga over it … I’m a little more mixed about it, cut 15 minutes out and it would probably get a green rating from me. Undecided here, but I didn’t hate it and that’s saying a hell of a lot. I see it’s still the #1 movie on RottenTomatoes from 2016, and that makes sense, but I’ll withhold my green rating for now.

Moonlight turns black boys blue

Moonlight turns black boys blue