Movies Watched -- Ingrid Goes West (2017)

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97 minutes so under the sacred 100 minute mark. Got it because it has Elizabeth Olsen in it and I like her face -- she has a plastic surgery nose without having had plastic surgery ...and I think she's talented. This movie was disturbing. I guess the message is that you should make an Instagram video of your suicide attempt to gain followers (sympathizers), and get a hashtag named after you. Sick stuff.

There were some class-based vibes that interested me... "Taylor" (E. Olsen) and her idiot brother, "Nicky," are rich kids (they have great teeth and snort coke after all). Ingrid, the mentally ill girl, is using the meager inheritance her mother left her to pose as someone who belongs in Taylor's set. I thought that she was running out of money, but somehow she comes up with another 50K to buy the desert house next door. That was a stretch but necessary for the climax, I guess. 

Ingrid is kind of homely (imperfect teeth, imperfect skin) but she has big eyes and a great bod. Anyway... spoilers ... if Ingrid and the pothead had killed Nicky in the desert, they probably wouldn't have gotten away with it, so it's just as well that they didn't (though I sorely wanted it to happen). Pom Klementieff, a mixed-race beauty, plays "Harley Chung," a #CrazyRichAsian, no doubt.

There are some funny scenes, but overall this was just disconcerting, and the ending didn't work for me. Yellow rating if you're interested in the terrors of being a slave to Instagram.

Rex wasn't thrilled.

Lower, get down lower, Miguel. You mean, like, dee floor?

Lower, get down lower, Miguel. You mean, like, dee floor?